Bespoke QR Codes

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We create carefully crafted QR Codes that combine functionality with vision.

‘There is always an art to great marketing so it seems appropriate that there should be some art within it.’

This is the idea behind our Bespoke QR code designs which can help you integrate creativity and energy into any visual marketing strategy or campaign.

Original and well-tested Bespoken QR codes can increase levels of affinity with your target audience across any platform and can help mark a product or brand as an item of value and growing your traffic and interaction.

Our designs combine seamlessly with any digital or print campaign regardless of scale.

Types of Bespoke QR Codes
We are able to embed an array of different protocols within our QR codes – these include:

  • Web and Social Media links – takes user to a specific site page
  • Dynamic Codes – change the site page of the code at any time
  • Geolocation QR – Embed location co-ordinates
  • Calendar Invites – Input information directly into user calendar
  • Contact QR – Send emails, dial phone numbers and send sms messages
  • Business Cards – Integrate all your information in a unique graphic.

Have a look at some examples of our three types of Bespoke QR codes – Embedded, Elevated and Enhanced – Images and Video below and our gallery is here.