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Content and HTML App Development 2017-07-29T12:37:00+00:00

App Development London – Transforming content for mobile & web devices

We transform new and existing video, audio, text, e-books and pictures in exciting and innovative ways with our App Development London service. We produce both free and monetised apps, which can showcase your content on PC, MAC, iOS and Android platforms.

The use of Mobile and Desktop screen devices continues to multiply at a remarkable rate. This makes the need to view a variety of content types together and across multiple devices increasingly important especially for commercial, corporate and educational use.

Create anything – from an interactive quiz which gives users a favourite movie characters or sports stars, to corporate presentations and content that rely on video, audio. images and text.

Our HTML and Content Apps allow users to view a package of different types of media within a single application. Whatever you require, Vuniiun’s app development London service can take your end product forward. We aim to create an environment where all your content is seamlessly accessible across multiple formats with no fuss.